A Chat with Grace Victory

Who are you & what do you do?

I'm Grace Victory, AKA Gracie Francesca and I'm the internet's big sister. I'm a blogger and Youtuber who talks about pretty much everything. Fashion, beauty, sex, body positivity & mental health. I also make documentaries for BBC3.

How did you first hear about Vitae?

It was definitely on Twitter. I think Will followed me, so I followed back. I really like to support black-owned businesses and the fact that the money goes to children in Africa just makes me extremely happy. We need more of that.

What then led you to get involved as a social influencer?

I'm all about people using their voice for the greater good, I do it and so does Will. I made a goal at the start of the year that the businesses and brands I am associated with have the same morals as me. Vitae definitely has that.

What three words come to mind when you think of Vitae?

Caring. Innovating. Cool.

What makes Vitae different?

They give back - a handful of brands do that.

What do you think about Vitae’s initiative to give back to school children in South Africa? Is it something that more brands should be doing?

I think its remarkable and inspiring. I'd love to visit South Africa with Vitae one day. Its important to shed light on other issues going on in the world. We need to all do our bit and Vitae is leading the way.

I see you’re a successful lifestyle blogger who impacts others. Can Vitae also affect lifestyles locally? If so, what do you think that looks like?

I think Vitae should get involved in business talks for young people. Black boys especially lack positive role models other than footballers and rappers. Will could definitely motivate a generation that often feels quite lost.

Where do you see Vitae going in the future?

I think Vitae will grow and expand as a business. I reckon a lot of celebrities would endorse the brand too.