Keep It Simple This Valentine's

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and for those who are celebrating, offering your loved one something unique every year is a struggle. Every shop is stacked with Valentine’s gifts, and reminders of the big day seems to be everywhere we look. The options for a heartfelt present to give your partner are endless. You can go traditional with a box of classy chocolates and a bouquet of red roses, or surprise your significant other with a quirky gift that could only come from you! However, the most memorable occasions are created, not by gifts, but by experiences. A gift can be eaten, used or worn, and thrown away when it’s use is no longer needed, but an experience lingers in our minds and can be revived through nostalgia-inducing photos and epic storytelling at gatherings. With your loved one by your side as you embark on new adventures, the experience is even sweeter.

When the word ‘experience’ is mentioned, what comes to mind? Bungee jumping, rock climbing, travelling? If your plans are along those lines, then go ahead! If they’re not, don’t fret, an interesting Valentine’s outing certainly doesn’t have to include these grand gestures. The closer we get to Valentine’s Day, the more we realise we actually have to prepare something, but some of the best memories are the simplest.

Do you and your loved one love exploring new territory? You’d be surprised by how much of your own area you’ve passively wandered past without realising it. Especially for those of us who are city-based, our local area is so dense with interesting locations, scenery, and events. A bonus is that new ventures are springing up every month, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised with something new to experience, if even your plans are last minute!

There’s also something very sweet about seeing your partner put an unbelievable amount of effort into creating an extraordinary experience - all from scratch. The DIY approach isn’t just a budget option, but a way to put together an evening specially tailored to your love interest. The most common way to create a DIY Valentine’s celebration, is a homemade occasion. Take on the challenge of transforming your own home to a romantic haven, with a homemade meal that will make your love question whether you seriously went DIY this year. It’s a simple direction to go in for V-day, but personal and perfect if you both prefer an intimate evening with each other.

With just a few days to go, a last minute plan doesn’t have to be a poor one. Although it’s highly commercialised, Valentine’s Day is essentially another opportunity to show appreciation for the significant other in your life, so an effort to specialise the day for your other half will make all the difference.