Mellow Mornings

For some, the morning can be a daily battle in itself - the lack of sleep lingers while you drag your semi-conscious body out of bed and into the day’s duties. Things get done on auto-pilot and you can only thank your muscle memory for guiding your steps. If you manage to catch breakfast, it’s a clutter and a fraction of your meal ends up decorating the floor. To top things off, you always forget something at home. Everyday doesn’t have to be mayhem.

Mellow mornings make all the difference.

Be still.

For just a moment, be still. Clear your mind and take the time to be at peace.

Be conscious.

What are you grateful for? What main three things do you want to achieve that day? Who do you need to catch up with? Shut off auto-pilot and stimulate your mind so you start your day intentionally.

Be hydrated.

After hours of no food or drink, a cool glass of water will leave you feeling refreshed. If you’re really trying to shake off that groggy feeling, perhaps a glass of ice cold water would be best.

Be prepared.

Simply preparing the night before, whether it be food, clothes, or a schedule, will set things in place for when you wake up. With less practicalities to focus on in the morning, you allow greater mental clarity and focus on - believe it, or not - genuinely enjoying your morning.