Ode to Autumn

As we’re about to enter 2017's final quarter, Autumn has crept in with the cooler weather in tow. While there’s so much to love about the vibrant Summer months, Autumn is welcomed and adored by many. The change in weather transforms green leaves to rich shades of amber that adorn the streets beneath us. With every swift kick of a leaf pile, the sky invites thick clouds to mask the sun. However, every once in a while, sunlight peers through the pale blanket, and its rays dance across rainy pavements, creating the Autumn golden glow we know so well.

Nature seems to be the greatest inspiration, reflected in fashion’s aesthetic shift as this new season settles in. Browns, creams, warm reds, rich oranges - Autumn’s colour wheel is beginning to steal the show. You’ll find most of us digging for these colours in our wardrobes and approaching daily outfits in a fresh new way. It’s a time to abandon sole t-shirts and adopt layers of clothing, making the most of the cool chill. This gives us the opportunity to mix-and-match, experiment, and be creative with what we wear. It’s a wonderful time to try new looks and mirror nature’s makeover in the process.

Despite the cold weather, September, October, and November, generally have an inexplicably cozy feeling associated with them. The heating everywhere gets turned up a notch and, for the fancy bunch amongst us, the fireplace is set ablaze and flickers well into the night. The nutty aroma of coffee becomes all too familiar as demand for hot, soothing drinks rise, and all our favourite hot drink vendors reveal season exclusives such as the traditional pumpkin spice and ginger nut lattes. Autumn is basically prime-time for coffee-lovers. Beyond that, our evenings seem to involve relaxing under a thick blanket with a book or, most likely, Netflix. Whatever floats your boat, let toasty nights-in abound!

The rain, cold winds, and dark skies can’t dim the warm glow of Autumn, so join us in welcoming the new season with open arms.