Our Favourite Make-Up Gurus

Finding interesting ways to vary your make-up routine can be a daily dilemma. It’s easy to get comfortable with the same old methods and run out of ideas. First thing in the morning, most of us passively dab on our everyday look and rush out the door, without thinking twice about it. It would be nice to find simple and efficient ways to implement a twist to our daily look, without having to sacrifice too much sleep. Salute, to the early risers who are dedicated to waking up extra early!

With the abundance of cosmetics on the shelves, it can even be overwhelming to decide on which brand, products and routine to experiment with. So, here are a couple of our favourite YouTube make-up gurus to inspire you.

Patricia Bright

For those going for a glamorous look, a recent tutorial on Patricia Bright's channel offers a quick routine radiating with warm tones. To top it off there's a hilarious voiceover from her husband narrating the whole video! Over the years, Patricia has managed to build an empire on her channel, with an eclectic array of videos ranging from make-up tutorials to chatty musings to helpful life-hacks. Occasional vlogs give viewers an insight into Patricia’s home life and daily endeavours, giving her ever-growing community a richer picture of the woman in front of the camera. Her bubbly personality, amazing style and words of wisdom are a great way to spend your spare time.


If you're searching for some new products to refresh your collection, Shannon's recent video on her favourites will have you discovering new tools to experiment with. The products on offer also include her own line of make-up, xoBeauty, hailing from her home base, New Zealand. As New Zealand’s top YouTuber, Shannon has an abundance of tutorials and make-up reviews to inspire new purchases and educate her vibrant fanbase of make-up and style lovers. With a multitude of celebrity-inspired looks and incredible fancy dress make-up, Shannon’s channel will have you exploring make-up techniques that take your routine up a notch.

Leyla Rose

Need to go back to basics? Foundation itself can be a struggle for some of us, so Leyla Rose shares some knowledge on how to apply a good solid base, without the 'cakey' syndrome. Leyla also ensures to include skin health tips as a healthy foundation for an amazing make-up look. Her transparency regarding her journey to getting healthier skin has encouraged viewers to do the same. To make things better, her introductions to good quality make-up bargains mean the struggle to find affordable products is over!

Jennie Jenkins

Thanks to Jennie Jenkins, a simple tutorial on the all-important chiseled eyebrows will help you achieve a pair of full and sculpted eyebrows in less than 5 minutes. Jennie left her viewers in awe with her Naomi Campbell VMA 2016 make-up, a stunning, classy look to light up any evening. The many hair reviews offer great content to accompany the cosmetic tutorials. If you’re looking for, not only make-up tips but also, honest and useful hair extension critiques, with tips on how to style them too, give Jennie Jenkins' channel a watch.

Kaushal Beauty

With Valentine's Day around the corner, Kaushal's quick and easy date night look is perfect! This dewy yet dark routine offers a subtle glow to complement a romantic evening. Kaushal offers an abundance of interesting yet invaluable make-up hacks that will have you questioning at first, but thankful by the time you’ve delved into the video. Born and raised in the UK, but with an Indian background, Kaushal’s heritage proudly beams from her make-up looks. If you’re in need of a YouTuber with a twist, head over to Kaushal’s channel.