Serving Your Way to the Top

Those who have done a few internships will know that working hard for someone else on little or no pay can be extremely challenging. The opportunity to contribute to and learn from an amazing company is invaluable, but let’s be real, we all have our days. The days where other work or education commitments overwhelm you, the days where you desire more time for personal projects, the days where you just can’t be bothered. Whether you’re an intern, or full-time employee, getting up for work is a battle sometimes.

I’ve learnt that if I’ve agreed to fill a certain role, it’s important to honour that. There’s always the freedom to opt-out, but as long as I’m in, I’m in. I recently came across an interview on The Breakfast Club, where DeVon Franklin shared how imperative his days as an intern were to his success as an entrepreneur. “Before you are a King or a Queen, you have to learn from one” - and I’ve found that through serving, I learn the most about both my bosses and myself. Coffee runs, printer duties, managing transport, and hours and hours of admin is jarring but necessary.

I can guarantee, that serving wholeheartedly is not overlooked by those you’re serving. We all appreciate the little things our friends do to make our day, and I believe our bosses feel the same way. We’re the ones who connect the dots and ensure nothing slips through the cracks concerning the greater plan - yes, even through menial tasks, we make a difference. Small cogs in a big machine still have their role to play in keeping things going.

I’d also like to add that “serving your way to the top”, doesn’t necessarily mean that once you reach the top, you stop serving. To me, serving others is a lifelong commitment. A lifestyle dedicated to developing character, while building others up. I can honestly say that serving someone else, and their vision, is a privilege that I’m grateful for.