Top Pancake Spots

Happy Pancake Day! Whether you’re celebrating in preparation for Lent or just love pancakes, the indulgence is worth it. Who knew such a simple combination of a couple cupboard ingredients could create one of the tastiest breakfast options? The endless variations of toppings are an infinite delight ensuring that the simple dish can never grow boring. A fruity concoction, savoury eggs and bacon, veggie sausages and sweet potatoes - pancakes can be enjoyed with whatever please, be adventurous with it! Some of us are excellent chefs at the top of our game, flipping pancakes with ease, while some stare at the pan in disappointment as a crispy slab of coal stares right back.

Pancake Day landing on a workday every year isn’t the most convenient, as it’s rare that many will make the time to arise earlier to make pancakes. Fortunately, there are plenty of both quaint and quirky restaurants around town that serve pancakes, any day of the week, attending to your pancake needs.


This Brixton-based bar serves French crepes with a Brazilian flair. If you’re looking to try something different this year, then we definitely recommend hopping on the Victoria line and heading down to this Brazilian hotspot.

Granger & Co.

For gorgeous, fluffy pancakes and buzzing atmosphere, head over to Granger & Co. Be prepared for the queue though - it’s a popular one. A known favourite are the ricotta pancakes, stuffed with ricotta cheese, topped with banana and honeycomb butter. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Where the Pancakes Are

Again, we have another unique contender who whip up a wonderful ‘Dutch Baby’ - an oven-baked Yorkshire pudding-style pancake cooked in a cast iron pan. Their vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options mean everyone can enjoy pancakes without any dietary worries.

The Book Club

Just a couple of minutes from Old Street station, hails an intimate venue called The Book Club, which serves beautiful buttermilk pancakes for breakfast and transforms into a vibrant after-work hangout after hours.

My Old Dutch

For any readers with a serious sweet-tooth, My Old Dutch is the perfect place for you. One look at the restaurant’s Instagram page alone will have you hooked. The staff pride themselves on creating sweet and savoury masterpieces like no other, featuring all your favourite chocolate bars - Kinder Bueno, Ferrero Rocher, Oreo - so it’s definitely worth the trip to Holborn.

The Breakfast Club

Last, but not least, we have the American diner serving thick, rich pancakes all day in a couple preppy but cool spaces across London. The Breakfast Club aesthetically pays homage to an all-American 1980s youth while serving comfort food and drawing in crowds daily.