Top Travel Spots for March 2017

We’re two months into the new year, and the summer months feel so far away. If you’re London-based, the grey skies, abundance of rain and piercing, cold winds mean the city has a case of the winter blues. Thankfully, glimpses of sunshine have been a saving grace during this dark season. Many of us are navigating our way through travel guides in search for a warm getaway to escape to for a week or so in a few months. However, you definitely don’t have to wait so long to fly. A long weekend away in March is a great opportunity to book cheap flights and avoid the overwhelming tourist crowds of peak seasons. Keep reading to see our recommended travel destinations for March, and start packing for an early adventure!

Puerto Rico

As the humid air lifts and the cool breeze soars across the beaches, a nap by the Puerto Rican shore is a pleasant rest, rather than a sweltering session in the sun. The party hotspots may be less crowded, but the vibrant lifestyle of Puerto Rico never dies all year round. Grab a Piña Colada and stroll through the latin flavoured streets by day, and light up the salsa dancefloor by night.


This captivating nation offers unbelievable sights and even better options for any adventure junkies out there. Motorbiking up the Hai Van Pass, windsurfing across Mui Ne or endeavouring on an ambitious hike in Bac Ha. The palette of flavours amongst Vietnamese cuisine attracts many, and they’re never disappointed.

The Maldives

These small, yet beautiful islands create a cluster of earthy paradises. The Maldives is perfect for those who are looking for a serene, and almost isolated, experience to truly switch off. For anyone who’s itching to blend a tranquil holiday with a touch of adventure, the world’s first underwater restaurant, nightclub and spa all reside on the Maldives. March is seen as one of the best months to travel to the Maldives as the sky is clearest and the water calm. It’s also within the ‘shoulder’ period, where flights are at their cheapest after the Christmas season influx.

The Canary Islands

Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria - you’ve probably heard a lot about these popular holiday destinations, but the Canary Islands have so much more to offer than the typical seafront resorts. The landscapes loom with volcanoes, quaint seaside villages and lava fields, amongst many other wonders of the archipelago.


The musical powerhouse sends infectious rhythms across the Caribbean island, and the dancehall street parties are an experience that can’t be quite replicated anywhere else. The myriad of hidden waterfalls can be explored by submerging yourself in the Jamaican waters or rafting. We invite you to see beyond the many preconceptions about the Caribbean’s most famous island and embark on a unique journey next month.