What becoming a father has taught me about building business

Since starting Vitae London I have learnt so many lessons along the way which have equipped me to be better at building and nurturing the business. Today marks 4 weeks since my wife brought our beautiful daughter Sienna into the world and I feel this has taught me even more valuable lessons. There are many parallels between the nurturing of a new born and a new business; here are the key ones that have stood out to me and biggest lessons that translate:

1. Set yourself up for the win
Picture this; It’s 4am, I’m in a deep sleep and my wife gives me the loving tap to change our daughter. At first I would just go for it and do what needed to be done, but now I realise there’s a process and if I can set things up properly I set myself up for the win. Now the night before I put everything I need in an area at the edge of the bed, just before I change her I place them all right by her (for a quick turnaround) and then I go for it. It’s made my life so much easier and means I don’t have to scramble around in the dark searching for all the essentials for this simple process. Much of the same can be said when starting out a new business, you’re in a much stronger position when you do all you can to set yourself up for the win the night before. Set your goals and tasks for the day ahead and plan out all your process as much as you can. In the early days of running a business it really does feel like scrambling in the dark but great planning strengthens what you do and makes you much more efficient.

2. Adaptability is your biggest asset
Nothing ever turns out how you expect it. Following on from the first point, you may have the most amazing plan in place which will give you an awesome foundation but always remember life rarely pans out how you expect it to. When Sienna was born due to some complications around the birth she had to stay in the hospital for her first week of life, this was one of the hardest situations I’ve had to face but I still had to show strength as a father and husband. Adapting to the lows and the valleys really builds character for the highs and the mountain tops. I’ve seen the same happen with Vitae London where I’ve expected a campaign or launch to turn out a certain way, unfortunately when it hasn’t I’ve found when I’m able to spin the situation around, see the beauty in the midst of the ‘failure’ and adapt to the reality of life I don’t let the lows drag me down further than they need to.
It’s also very important to adapt to the latest trends and learn from others who have achieved what you’re tying to achieve. All I seem to do as a new father is read article, after article on the "....of babies" with the aim of helping her reach her full potential. Using this same mentality in business keeps you ahead of the game.

Ultimately just like you don't get to take a break from your baby or give up on her have that same tenacity towards your business, its all in the baby steps.